What is your favourite winter cocktail?

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Two Blind Pigs Team up with Abelha Organic Cachaca!

This Friday's Awesome Assemblage event is set to be one for the diary along with the record books! Along with all your usual favorites, Cachaca's Back on the menu!

Two Blind Pigs have teamed up with the "Good Guys" over at ABELHA to bring you the finest Organic Cocktails from Brazil and beyond.

Hope to see you all there this Friday the 31st.

Check out the Abelha website and don't forget to say Hi to Hal and Anthony on Friday.



What happened last Night?????

Last Night Two Blind Pigs hit a home run at there first ever gig together.
Kicking off the season 2BP's Supported the amazingly talented group Eclipse last night in Islington. Two Blind Pigs created signature cocktails including the Eclipse Collins which went down a treat and after a fab performance by the Eclipse Girls we really got the party started!

Special Thanks to Sam for the PR and Agnieszka for washing the glasses just quicker than we could use them.

Look out for future events from Eclipse and Two Blind Pigs!!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

TIme Out Attention!

Gearing up for the Assemblage gig on Friday july 31st and the press are getting involved once again mentioning the pigs!

This time in Time Out:

Billed as 'a festival of contemporary makes', this one-off craft event features 'Meet Pamela' - a group show of sculpture and installation, live music and poetry, plus specialist food stalls including cupcakes from Lily Vanilli and cocktails from Two Blind Pigs. RSVP essential via marketing@johnjones.co.uk.


Hope to see you all there!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Our first piece of media attention!

Thanks Spoonsfed.com for putting us on the map. x

Read below and follow the link for more info.

"A night of food, fun, music, poetry, art and design at John Jones for the last Friday in July. Plus, and this might be the clincher, cocktails AND cupcakes. Could anything be better than that?

'Assemblage' sees the whole space taken over by a host of exciting creative types - there's live poetry, performances and recitals, various stalls and installations (with cool stuff like porcelain chandeliers, knitted wedding cakes and baroque wigs!) and the opening of new exhibition 'Meet Pamela' which includes mesmeric work by Laura Buckley.

In terms of food, Lily Vanilli are providing cupcakes while Spore Boys serve up mushroom-based recipes. And finally, for those of you whose appetite can only be sated by booze, there's cocktails courtesy of the lovely Two Blind Pigs.


Hope to see you all at the event for cocktails by 2bp's.

till then,

lotsa love Jpig!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Two Blind Pigs will be mixing up some cocktails at The Nave.

ECLIPSE presents SUMMER FIESTA!, a feast of early harps, recorders, viol, percussion, song and story telling PLUS guest flamenco dancer Mariona Adell Castells from Barcelona, all rolled into one extraorinary (1 hour) performance, followed by a party to celebrate the launch of the group's 2 new CDs on the Classical Recording Company label: concert starts 8pm


Thursday, 9 July 2009

Upcoming event

Two Blind Pigs will be mixing up some Mojitos for an Assemblage in North London on the 31st July. Come along and try one!


Sunday, 5 July 2009

Our Inspiration

Taking inspiration from days of prohibition Two Blind Pigs aim to supply cocktails to the masses. They provide cheap yet innovative cocktails made with organic produce and a little love.