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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Our first piece of media attention!

Thanks Spoonsfed.com for putting us on the map. x

Read below and follow the link for more info.

"A night of food, fun, music, poetry, art and design at John Jones for the last Friday in July. Plus, and this might be the clincher, cocktails AND cupcakes. Could anything be better than that?

'Assemblage' sees the whole space taken over by a host of exciting creative types - there's live poetry, performances and recitals, various stalls and installations (with cool stuff like porcelain chandeliers, knitted wedding cakes and baroque wigs!) and the opening of new exhibition 'Meet Pamela' which includes mesmeric work by Laura Buckley.

In terms of food, Lily Vanilli are providing cupcakes while Spore Boys serve up mushroom-based recipes. And finally, for those of you whose appetite can only be sated by booze, there's cocktails courtesy of the lovely Two Blind Pigs.


Hope to see you all at the event for cocktails by 2bp's.

till then,

lotsa love Jpig!

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