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Friday, 25 September 2009

Conventional vs Organic: You be the judge!

Here is a little table that really illustrates the differences between organic and conventional farming!

Tell us which one you would choose:

Conventional Farmers:

  • Apply chemical fertilizers to promote plant growth
  • Use chemical herbicides to manage weeds
  • Spray insecticides to reduce pests and disease
  • Give animals antibiotics, growth hormones and medications to prevent disease and spur growth
Organic Farmers:
  • Restricted use of artificial fertilisers or pesticides. Apply natural fertilizers such as manure or compost to feed soil and plants
  • Use crop rotation, hand wedding and mulching to manage weeds
  • Use beneficial birds, insects, traps to reduce pests and disease
  • Give animals organic feed or allow them access to outdoors. Use preventive measures such as rotational grazing, a balanced diet and clean housing to help minimise disease.

We here at the Blind Pigs know which one we would choose!
Keep Drinking!

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